Tips For Kid’s Bedrooms

If you have moved into your new home, one of the most exciting things for you to do is designing your kid’s rooms. Also, there is no better way to surprise your kids than getting their rooms decorated and designed. The way to make it even more exciting is partnering up with your little one and doing this project together. The design and decoration merely depends on the number of kids that will be occupying the room, the age of your child and your budget. You can use magazines, catalogs, and online tools to gather your ideas. It’s time to play with the possibilities.

Do not allow your kids to decorate the whole room based on their current cartoon obsession. For all you know, they could grow out their obsession the next day.  Instead, let them express their current obsession in non obvious ways, such as a poster, pillow or a rug. Take time to think through the options so the room that’s perfect now could be modified by doing minor changes as the child grows.  Choosing the right color can be crucial. Give the child the opportunity to choose the color of their choice. If a dark color is picked, paint one wall in that color and paint the rest of the walls in white or a lighter color. Always use a scrubbable paint to test if it will hold up in the room. Painting can be given to a company specialized in painting. That would reduce half the mess. Any commercial painting in Adelaide would take residential painting contracts too.

Finding a reliable company isn’t that big of a deal. Google is your friend. Just type in painting Adelaide and you will get a list of all options around town. Painting floors is a great looking, practical and much cheaper alternative to timber floors and carpets.

Selecting the bed is very important as it is the largest piece of furniture in the room. If the room is occupied by two and the room space is small you can go for bunk beds.  The bed linen you choose should match the color of the paint that you have used.  Arranging a range of pillows in different shapes and sizes, on the bed would make the room look cozy. Think beyond the bed to create a kids room that will be a great place to play and learn. Add a table to the center of the bed room, to be used for homework and hobbies. Look for double duty furniture. A trunk that is used to store toys can be used also as a sofa for seating. A white board or chalk board can be used to suit the child’s interests. Give your child the opportunity to imprint their personality on their bedroom.