Tips When Extending Your House

The extending of the house has become a very popular thing to do when it comes to making changes or architectural planning. Since extending is actually something takes time and a big investment it is important to make sure you take the right steps and do the right things or else you will be on the losing end of a lot of things.

Remember that although you may be making a change in your house it can also affect your neighbor as well. Light is one way how the neighbor will be affected. Your neighbor may complain that their windows do not receive enough light due to the fact that you have made plans of second storey additions. This is mainly when you are blocking the sun light from the windows and they receive less light. It is called a right to light, although it may not affect as much as you think your neighbor can protest legally unless of course there is limitations of going around the problem and avoiding it. Click here for more info on second storey additions Sydney.

If you have insurance cover for your house, you need to make sure you talk to insurance company even if you are making a ground floor extension because as far as I am concerned most insurance companies do not cover building that changed from initial structure given to the company. Some people do not take in to consideration when it comes to accommodation. There is no legal requirement but it is practical to have at least one bathroom per floor if you are consideration extending another floor. This is important because if you ever have plans on selling the house the value of the house will decrease if the number of bedrooms and the number of bathrooms doesn’t balance each other out. Not forget the floors. My friend once rented a house with the only bathroom on the ground floor. He thought he could manage it considering the low rent but he lasted only for two days with where he moved out again.Think about removing walls or putting up walls when extending. It gives a much larger feel without it. The fewer walls you use the bigger it looks but it depends if you are extending or remodeling. There many ways in which you can divide your room. You can use a furniture, decoration, room dividers, shelves or even staircases.

When you extending a part of your house outside and you have to bring a down a tree, you need to be careful. Some trees are protected by the law where you need to get permission to cut them down. They are protected with different laws so make sure you check them out before cutting them down or you will have penalty fees to be paid.