Importance Of Home Waterproofing

Waterproofing is one of the areas that are most neglected when building a new home or just adding a few rooms to an already built up apartment. Despite this, the lack of waterproofing can cause serious damage throughout, thus needing you to pay up for expensive repairs down the line. This is in addition to a list of several other problems you will have to contend with.

So why is waterproofing exactly this critical to your home and basement? A few of the following reasons may be enough for you to understand why you shouldn’t skip this aspect when building your home.

Prevents Water Damage to Your Walls – Water can easily find a way through the various cracks and crevices of your exterior walls (or even those of your neighbours’ homes) and infiltrate the deepest parts of your home, including your basement. Eventually, you will see your walls getting damp and sometimes water will even seep out into the interior of your home if there is excessive accumulation. By damp proofing your walls, you can avoid the worst effects, and prevent your interior from getting wet and your walls from getting damaged.

Avoid Moss and Mould Growth – If you can, try to apply waterproofing to your exterior bricks and walls as well. Even though your exterior walls are supposed to absorb water to some degree, you will likely find that some areas absorb much more water than others, thus leading to the formation of damp patches which promote the growth of mosses and moulds. This can be also reflected in your home’s interior, which could prove to be an even major problem.

Avoids Health Problems – Rising damp conditions can cause all sorts of other problems, including some that may directly affect your health and those of the other residents of your home. The main culprit for this are the spores liberated by moulds and mosses that thrive in damp areas. These are tiny little particles, invisible to the naked eye, which might be accidentally inhaled, thus reaching the lungs and causing several diseases as a result.

Protects Furniture – Wooden furniture and any other wooden items are extremely susceptible to damp and humid conditions, which accelerate their deteriorating by a large amount. Keeping your walls waterproof ensures that such items will last longer and in a much better shape than expected.

Saves Money – The main reason for saving money by waterproofing your walls is that you will have to pay lower electricity bills. Damp air is notoriously hard to both cool down and heat up, which means that eliminating the cause for dampness should lead you to have an easier time with regulating your home’s interior temperature.