Steps To Maintain An Air-cooling System

One of the most innovative and useful man-made invention is the air-conditioner. Not only does it aid in the controlling the temperature of a room, it also helps people maintain their moods by bringing down their anger levels during the scorching summers. If this breaks down, you are sure to experience quite an inconvenience, so here is a guide to maintain your air-conditioner.

Hire a professional

You might be able to handle minor repairs, but you would need the help of a professional to conduct a total inspection and perform an air conditioning installation in Brisbane Northside that focusses on all the internal aspects of the A/C. The technician must check for any leaks that could be present within the system and seal them. In addition, he must also rectify the refrigerant level and the sequence of electronic control in order to ensure that he heating and cooling system do not operate at the same time. It is also necessary to measure the airflow within the coil and test the accuracy of the thermostat.

Clean filters

This is a step that you can easily complete on your own. The filters of an air conditioner require frequent cleaning and replacement in order to ensure that they are not clogged with dirt. Clogging of the filters could result in reduced efficiency as a result of the normal airflow being blocked. Getting rid of the dirt trapped within the filter also plays a major role in reducing the energy consumption of the air conditioner. It would be recommended to clean the filters at least every 3-6 months, depending on the level of exposure to dust. Visit 


If you live in a country where the winters are extremely cold and snowy with frequent snowstorms or hail showers, then it would be recommended to cover the outer unit of the air conditioner in order to avoid damage. If possible, you could even remove it and keep it in the storage cupboard during this season as hail stones and winter animals may damage the unit during this period. However, if removing the outer unit is a hassle, you could use a durable material to cover it in order to protect it from damage.


Usually, there are two coils in an air conditioning system. One is the condenser coil whereas the other is the evaporator coil. These are prone to collect dust over a period of time, which affects the airflow within the system thus insulating the coil. This usually occurs with the evaporator coil, therefore it is essential to clean this coil at least every 6 months.If you don’t have the time to clean the air conditioner system yourself, hire a technician to conduct a complete servicing of the system at least once a year, in order to detect any latent problems and repair them before it worsens.